Custom Align Objects

Custom objects enable users to expand Align’s native functionality to record information. This information can be leveraged by users or other software systems when making decisions regarding territory and target assignments. Align now supports custom objects and allows displaying those objects as a related list or as a tab, granting visibility to these custom objects.

For example, the Align administrator creates a custom object representing vehicles used by roster members. This object includes details regarding the mileage, make and model, and license plate number. The administrator updates the vehicle information as part of the territory planning process and identifies any vehicles needing regularly scheduled maintenance.

Align supports custom related lists on the following objects:

  • accounts__aln
  • country__aln
  • field_force__aln
  • footprint__aln
  • mc_cycle__aln
  • product__aln
  • roster_member__aln
  • territory__aln

Custom objects utilizes the Page Links feature in Veeva Vault. This feature redirects all entry points of a record to the Align user interface. With this feature, users cannot access the Business Admin user interface for the objects listed above.

Configuring Custom Align Objects

  1. Create the custom object. See Configuring Vault Objects for more information.
  2. Create a new field on the new object with the following attributes:

    • Field Type – Object
    • Status – Active
    • Object – The existing object affiliated with the custom object. This enables the new object to be placed as a related list on the affiliated object's page layout.
  3. Grant at least Read access to the custom object for all appropriate user groups.

Displaying Custom Objects as Related Lists

To display a custom object as a related list on one of the supported Align objects:

  1. Navigate to the Configuration page on the Align Admin tab.
  2. Select the appropriate object from the list of objects.
  3. Select the Page Layouts tab and select the appropriate page layout.
  4. Select the Create Section button.
  5. Select Related Object.
  6. Select the custom object from the Related Objects drop-down list.

Displaying Custom Objects as Tabs

To expose the custom object as a tab on the Align menu bar:

  1. Navigate to the Configuration page in the Admin tab.
  2. Select Tabs.
  3. Create a new tab for the custom object.