Excluding Account Territory Sources from Hierarchy Rules

Account territories in Align can come from Assignment Rules, manual creation, data loading, CRM self-assignments, or Territory Feedback. In order to create accurate alignments, admins can configure Hierarchy Rules to exclude certain account territory sources from assigning related accounts within an account hierarchy.

For example, admins at Verteo BioPharma configure Hierarchy Rules to exclude running off of account territories that are created from CRM self-assignments. This allows the self-assignment of an HCP without automatic assignment of related parent accounts.


To configure this feature, grant the Align Integration User, admins, and other users who configure account rules the following:

  • Edit access to the excluded_sources__aln field on the account_rule__aln object

Designating Account Territory Sources to Exclude from a Hierarchy Rule

To exclude certain sources from an account rule:

  1. Edit the appropriate account rule.
  2. Navigate to the appropriate account hierarchy criteria.
  3. Use the Excluded Sources multi-select picklist to select the appropriate sources to exclude from the rule. Available values are:

    • Align Manual
    • Align Rule
    • CRM
    • CRM Feedback
    • Import

  4. Select Save.