Controlling Intermediary Assignments

An intermediary account is an account in the hierarchy that is at a level between other accounts within the same organizational hierarchy. For example, an account representing a large health system might have several intermediary accounts representing affiliates, hospitals, and departments that exist between the health system and an individual HCP. Align admins can control whether account rules assign these intermediaries accounts to user via the Rules Engine. This enables greater flexibility and granularity when creating account rules, as intermediaries may not be relevant to the territory.

For example, the Align admin manually assigns key HCOs to territories. An Assign Child rule automatically assigns HCPs of desired specialities within the HCO to the territory. However, the admin wants to avoid assigning any intermediaries associated with HCO accounts, since they may not be relevant to the territory. The admin edits the account rule to specify that intermediaries should not be assigned as part of the rule.


  • Controlling intermediary assignment is only supported when using Assign Child Account Hierarchy Rules
  • To maintain backwards compatibility with rules created prior to this feature’s release, intermediaries are assigned by default

Configuring Intermediary Assignment Control

To configure this feature, grant the Align Integration User, admins, and other users who configure account rules edit access to the intermediaries__aln field on the following objects:

  • account_rule__aln
  • account_rule_model__aln

Controlling Intermediary Assignment

To control whether intermediaries are assigned by the account rule or not:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate account_rule__aln or account_rule_model__aln record.
  2. Navigate to the Account Hierarchy Criteria section.
  3. Edit or create a new Assign Child type hierarchy rule.
  4. Populate the intermediaries__aln picklist with the appropriate value:

    • assign__aln – Intermediaries are assigned as part of the selected account rule
    • do_not_assign__aln – Intermediaries are not assigned as part of the selected account rule

  5. Select Save.

Intermediary assignments are reflected during the next run of the rules engine.