Account Merges in CRM

Account merges are reflected in CRM through regular imports. Record conflicts can occur during an import when values from external ID fields from a losing Account are copied into winning Accounts. The conflict arises from the same external ID being used across two Account records for which Align is not supported.

To avoid record conflicts in Align after a CRM import, Align alters the External Ids of losing Accounts in Align during CRM Account merges. Align completes the following steps when processing Account merges during a CRM import:

  1. Align queries CRM for losing Accounts: (WHERE Account.IsDeleted=True AND Account.MasterRecordId != null)
  2. Align imports the losing Accounts and processes them in the following way:

    • The status__v field on the account__aln object is set to inactive__v
    • All unique fields on the Account__aln object have "::MergedWith::<CRM.Account.Id of the Winning Account>" appended to the original value.

      For example, the losing Account’s external_id__aln field on the account__aln object is set to 12345. The winning Account has a value of CRM.Account.Id of 001q000000bvSJ4AAM. After the merge, the losing Account in Align has a value of 12345::MergedWith::001q000000bvSJ4AAM.

      Align only supports unique fields of type Text and not of type Number.

    • All open Territory assignments are end dated for the losing Account
  3. CRM Import continues to import the remaining Accounts.

This logic does not apply to modeling records.