Audit Trail

There are two levels of audit trail data: field and record. To streamline Align's performance, audit trails are provided for essential data only.

Field Level Audit Trail

Vault provides two standard audit logs for an audit or investigating why data displays the way it does:

Login Audit History identifies the following:

  • Who signed in to Align
  • When the sign in occurred
  • The user's IP address

System Audit History identifies the following:

  • Which field changed
  • Who made the change
  • When the change was made
  • The field's value before and after the change

Record Level Audit Trail

Every record in every object has the following fields:

  • Who created the record
  • When the record was created 
  • Who was the last user to modify the record
  • When the record was last modified 

The lifecycle of some entities is required in Align reporting and in customer internal reporting. Common examples are a Territory name change and a parent Territory. Each change is independent and may have different effective dates. To provide adequate performance, Align history objects capture a snapshot of the respective parent object at the time of a change. The history object is used in conjunction with a date/time stamp to determine which snapshot should be returned in a query. Although history is in the object's name, the snapshot may represent data effective in the past, present, or future.

The following objects have corresponding history objects:

  • field_force__aln
  • territory__aln
  • account_rule__aln
  • account_rule_criteria__aln

History is available on all the other Align objects even if there is not a corresponding history object.

For example, assume territory Boston South Oncology had three parent changes in the past five years. The Territory object always has one record for Boston South Oncology. The Territory History object has three records for Boston South Oncology. Use the Effective Date/Time in the history object to select the appropriate record.

The Initiated By Field

The initiated_by__aln field exists on the following history tracking objects:

  • territory_history__aln
  • field_force_history__aln
  • account_rule_history__aln
  • account_rule_criteria_history__aln

This field automatically stamps with the user that initiated the creation of the history tracking record (i.e. the user that changed the corresponding territory, field force, or account rule object).