The country__aln object has multiple purposes, including restricting user access by leveraging Dynamic Security by object. For example, an Align user’s data view can be restricted to Canada.

The country__aln object is fully managed by Veeva in regard to adding and removing records. Customers of Align can activate records, inactivate records, and set the primary time zone for each record. Customers cannot create or delete records in this object.

The country__aln object also indicates a country's primary time zone. The time zone impacts the integration timing between Align and CRM. For example, China’s data in Align is integrated with CRM based on July 1, 2016, Beijing Time. United States’ data is integrated on July 1, 2016, US time.

Align uses only one time zone per country. Users cannot select which time zone is used. For example, any record with US set as the Country uses Eastern Standard Time.


Many objects refer to the Country object to set time zones. The country must be set before the initial data load so the referenced countries are enabled. To activate a country and define a default time zone:

  1. Select Entities.
  2. Select Countries.

  3. Select the applicable country.
  4. Select Edit to activate and update the default time zone or to change the status.
  5. Select Save.