Field Force


Field Force is a collection of Territories that have a common focus. For example, a Field Force could contain all cardio medical users or all oncology medical users. Customers use the field force to group territories for internal reporting purposes.

Field Force field descriptions:

Field Description
Start Date & End Date Indicates the date range of the life of the Territory. The Start and End Dates of assignments must fall within this date range.
Effective Date/Time

Indicates when the record became applicable to CRM.

Effective Date/Time must be between the parent Field Force’s Start & End Dates.

External ID (Optional) Is the Field ForceID the customer uses in internal systems
Parent Field Force (Optional)  
Country (Optional)  
Field Force Type (Optional)

This is a picklist indicating the type of operations conducted by the Field Force. Examples: Sales, Medical, B2B, etc.

The objects referenced by Field Force are: field_force__aln (for Parent Field Force), and country__aln.

Field Force has a list and detail view. It is accessible from the Entities tab. Field Force can be created, edited and deleted manually via the UI. The same actions can be done using the delimited import process. It is not sent to Veeva CRM.

The Field Force detail view includes a related list section for:

  • Account Assignment Rules
  • Child Field Forces
  • Territory Assignment
  • Product Assignment

Field Force displays on the Territory detail view and as a related list assignment on the Product detail view.