Footprints are available in both Production and Modeling.

A footprint is a group of geographies. Administrators can use footprints to assign multiple groups of geographies to one or more territories at once, instead of individually. This reduces the setup required when assigning geographies to territories and helps maintain assignment consistency.

Changes to a footprint or geography are automatically updated in any territories assigned to the footprint.

Additionally, individual geography assignment is supported in conjunction with footprints, so admins can use footprints to quickly assign common geographies to territories while still retaining the ability to assign specific geographies.

For example, Larry Lakes is an admin working in a modeling project with two territories sharing the same seven geographies. Larry creates one footprint that includes the seven geographies. He then assigns the footprint to each territory. When modeling is finished, Larry publishes the project to production and all footprint assignments are imported.

Enabling Footprints

To enable footprints, grant the appropriate users access to the Footprints tab.

Using Footprints

Creating Footprints

To create a footprint:

  1. Navigate to the Footprints page from the Entities tab.
  2. Select New.
  3. Enter the following information:

    • Name
    • Country
    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • External ID (optional)
  4. Select Save.

Assigning Geographies to a Footprint

Geographies are assigned to Footprints using the footprint_geography__aln object. Records of this object can be created directly in a footprint to quickly assign geographies to footprints.

To assign geographies to a footprint:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate footprint.
  2. Navigate to the Footprint Geographies section.
  3. Select New.
  4. Enter the following information:

    • Geography Object – Use this lookup field to select the appropriate geography
    • Start Date of the geography’s assignment to the footprint
    • End Date of the geography’s assignment to the footprint

    Repeat this step for all appropriate geographies by selecting New Row after each entry.

  5. Select Save.

Assigning Footprints to a Territory

Footprints can be assigned to a territory to quickly assign multiple geographies at once.

To assign a footprint to a territory:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate footprint.
  2. Navigate to the Territory Footprints section.
  3. Select New.
  4. Enter the following information:

    • Territory
    • Start Date
    • End Date

    Repeat this step for all appropriate territories by selecting New Row after each entry

  5. Select Save.

Importing Footprints into Territory Models

Admins can select specific production footprints to import into a newly created Territory Model. to avoid importing unnecessary footprints. This also reduces the risk of inadvertently overriding footprint changes made by other admins.

For example, Alice Admin creates a new Territory Model. From the new model, she selects the appropriate production footprints to import. Alice then makes all appropriate changes to the imported footprints. When Alice publishes the Territory Model, only the production footprints she imported are affected by the changes she made.

Selecting Footprints to Import into a Model

When creating a new footprint within a model, admins can manually select production footprints to import into the model:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate project in the Modeling tab.
  2. Navigate to the Model Footprints related list.
  3. Select Create.
  4. Select Import selected footprints from production.

  5. Select Continue.
  6. Select the check box for all appropriate footprints.

    Only active footprints with a country__aln field that matches the corresponding project’s country__aln field display for selection.

  7. Select Continue.

Start Dates and End Dates

Since the footprint, territory, and geography footprint records involved with footprint assignment may all have independent Start and End Dates, administrators need to know how these varying dates interact to create a single assignment date.

Assignments are determined using the latest start date and the earliest end date.

For example, the following territory, footprint, and footprint geographies have the following start and end times:

Assigning the footprint to the territory creates three Geography Territory records, with their individual assignment durations marked in green:

Assigning new geographies to a footprint also creates new Geography Territory records on all territories the footprint is assigned to. New Geography Territory records are start and end dated based on the same logic as above.