Importing CRM Products

Align can import the CRM Product Catalog, reducing the risk of Align products being out of sync with CRM products.

All product records from the CRM Product Catalog are imported. As with other records originating from CRM, Align tracks where the product record was imported from and stores that information in the veeva_crm_org__aln field on the product record in Align.

The CRM record is the master copy. If a record is deleted from CRM, the associated Align record is inactivated and any product-to-Territory or product-to-Field-Force association is end dated.

If multiple CRM orgs are integrated with a single Align instance and conflicting external IDs exist between products, users must manage the external IDs either in CRM or in the chosen third-party software used to manage products.


  1. Place the import_product_catalog__aln field on the veeva_crm_org__aln object’s page layout in the CRM Integration Options section.

  2. Set the import_product_catalog__aln field to Yes. This setting enables the Product Field and Product Group Fields sections on the Field Mapping page.

  3. Map a unique field from the CRM_Product_vod object to the external_id__aln field on the Align product__aln object. If this step is not done, the CRM import process cannot match product records between CRM and Align, and the following error message displays:

    The View Field Mapping link displays only when the Align user has at least Read permission to the Align field_mapping__aln object.

  4. Map a unique field from the Product_Group_vod object in Veeva CRM to the external_id__aln field on the product_group__aln object. This step is only necessary if Product Groups are used with CRM.
  5. Grant Align integration users (AIU) edit permission to the Align product_type__aln object.

Any CRM product record without a value in the field mapped to the external_id__aln field on the product__aln object is not imported into Align. The record’s import fails, and the failure is logged in the import error logs.

For more information on mapping CRM products to Align, see the Field Mapping topic.


When Products are imported from CRM, the following fields are used for source system tracking:

  • CRM Record Id
  • CRM is Deleted – If this field is set to Yes, the related object is deleted.
  • Veeva CRM Org

The CRM Product_Type_vod field on the Product _vod object is imported into a new field on the Align product__aln object, crm_product_type_2__aln. This is an object relationship to a new object, product_type__aln.

The CRM integration populates the crm_product_type_2__aln field instead of the crm_product_type__aln picklist field.

Imports also check for deleted CRM products. If a product has been deleted, the status__v field is set to inactive for both the Territory product and Field Force product in Align. The end_date__aln field for all Territory product and Territory product model assignments associated to that product is set to the date of the import.

If a product group is deleted, the group is set to inactive, the status__v field for products belonging to that group is set to inactive, and the end_date__aln field for all for all Territory product and Territory product model assignments is set to the date of the import.

Product assignments are not imported.

The crm_product_type__aln field is not populated by the CRM integration.