Mapping Picklists in CRM to Picklists in Align

Admins can map single select and multi select picklists in CRM to single select and multi select picklists in Align to import a picklist’s values, value labels, and label translations. This enables admins to single-source their picklist information in CRM, while also enabling easier and more accurate use of picklist values throughout Align.

For example, the Align admin creates a new rules engine criteria based on a custom picklist on the account__aln object. Rather than manually typing in the appropriate value for the criteria, the admin selects the appropriate value of the picklist, ensuring the accuracy of the entered value. Later on, users can review upcoming changes to their accounts via Territory Feedback, where the custom account__aln picklist is configured to display as a column. Even though the displayed picklist and its values originate in Align, users are able to view the correctly translated labels in Territory Feedback.

This feature does not require configuration.

Mapping CRM Custom Picklists and Importing Picklist Values into Align

To map a customer-created custom picklist to Align:

  1. Create a corresponding picklist on the appropriate Align object. Custom picklists on the following CRM managed Align objects are supported for mapping:

    • account__aln
    • address__aln
    • roster_member__aln
    • parent_hco__aln
    • product__aln
    • product_group__aln
    • product_metric__aln
  2. Navigate to the Integrations tab.
  3. Select the Gear icon next to the CRM org in the Veeva CRM section.

  4. Select View Field Map.
  5. Expand the appropriate object’s section.

  6. Select Describe and Edit.
  7. Navigate to the new custom picklist field in the Custom Field Mapping section.
  8. Select the corresponding custom CRM picklist field.
  9. Select Save.
  10. Initiate a CRM Import to import the associated picklist values and translations. Only active picklist values from CRM are imported into Align.

Mapping to the State_vod and Hierarchy_Type_vod CRM Fields

By default, the following CRM picklists are mapped to text fields in Align:

  • The State_vod field on the Address object
  • Hierarchy_Type_vod field on the Child_Account_vod object

To utilize Picklist Mapping with these fields, admins can map the following Align picklists to these fields, while still retaining the original Text field mappings:

  • hierarchy_type_picklist__aln – Map to the Hierarchy_Type_vod picklist
  • state_picklist__aln – Map to the State_vod picklist


  • When imported into Align, the suffix __c is automatically added to picklist values if the value does not already end in __c
  • Vault picklist values can only contain alphanumeric characters and non-consecutive underscore (_) characters that are not the first or last character of the value. Values are automatically converted to lowercase when imported and unsupported characters are automatically converted to an underscore.

    For example, the picklist value ACO/MC Contract on the Hierarchy_Type_vod picklist in CRM would be updated to be aco_mc_contract__c in Align.

    These requirements only apply to picklist values. Picklist value labels and translations are not subject to these requirements.

  • If a previously active value in CRM is inactivated or deleted, the corresponding Align picklist value is not inactivated or deleted by the import job. A warning during the CRM Import job informs admins of the inactivation or deletion in CRM. Admins can view the warnings by downloading the Warning Rows CSV in the CRM Sync History table.

  • If a previously inactive value in CRM is reactivated, the corresponding Align picklist value is also reactivated