Integration Users in Align and CRM

The integration between Align and CRM requires two integration users, a CRM Integration User, and an Align Integration User. Each of these integration users have different requirements as they serve different functions in maintaining the integration.

CRM Integration User

The CRM Integration User connects Align and CRM for processes involving the two systems, for example importing from CRM. These processes execute in the integration user's name and use the integration user's credentials to do so.

CRM Integration Users must have the following requirements in order to correctly integrate with an Align instance:

  • A Salesforce license
  • A language of English in CRM
  • At least Read access to the following CRM objects:
  • Account
  • Address_vod
  • Child_Account_vod
  • Product_Metrics_vod
  • Territory
  • User

See Align-CRM Integration for more information about integrating CRM with Align.

The CRM Integration User must have a language of English.

Align Integration User

The Align Integration User should be used for daily processing jobs in Align. Certain processing jobs need to use a Vault User Account to read and update Vault records. For audit tracking and troubleshooting purposes, it is better to use a customer-provided Vault User Account with a different Vault login from the Align admin. The Align Admin Vault User Account should only be used during Align upgrades and patches.

Align admins can designate an Align Integration User for the following:

  • Preview
  • Import from CRM
  • Push to CRM
  • Network Integration
  • Import from Network to Vault

To set the Align Integration User:

  1. Select Align Integrations from the Integrations tab.
  2. Select Edit from the Settings icon in the Veeva Align section of the Align Integration Administration Console page.
  3. Select an Align Integration User from the User field. To ensure the Align infrastructure and integrations with Veeva CRM have access to all Align data, only users set to the VaultOwner security profile display in the list with the exception of the out-of-the-box Align Admin user.

  1. Enter the user’s password in the Password field.
  2. Select Save.

Only VaultOwner users can be set as the Align Integration User.

It is recommended that the Align Integration User's password never expire, as resetting the password affects integrations.