Planned Publish Date Preview

Territory Modeling is critical for future planning. Align users can get a more accurate future-dated Account assignment preview by selecting the Project’s Planned Publish Date when processing Account Assignment Rules. This feature provides the ability to determine which Account Assignments are active on the Planned Publish Date. All account_territory_model__aln records not live on the selected date are deleted from the table. This ensures the table’s contents represent only those assignments valid on that date, enables users to generate clearer assignment reports, and avoids confusion if users switch between as-of dates multiple times.


When a user creates a Territory Model, they can choose whether the assignment preview should be calculated using the project’s Planned Publish Date or should use the current date. If the user selects the former, the Territory reflects all Account assignments active on the project’s publication date. If the user selects the latter, the assignments reflect current production values.

To accommodate users who want to create assignments beginning immediately, the planned_publish_date_aln and review_date__aln fields for Territory Modeling accept the current date. If a user enters an invalid date in either field, a message displays indicating the correct date range.

For example, on 5/31/2017, Sarah Jones enters a value of 5/30/2017 in the Planned Publish Date field. Because the values must be within one year, the value is invalid, and the following error message displays: “Planned Publish Date must be between 5/31/2017 and 5/31/2018.”

The Preview As Of feature is available only when processing Account Assignment Rules within Territory Modeling. Processing Rules in production continues to only use today’s date when evaluating Accounts. If an account_territory_model__aln record is not active on the selected date, it is deleted from the Territory Model. Retaining only active assignments keeps the list organized if the Preview As Of date changes.