Product supports customer reporting. Designating the Country to which the Product record is associated with is optional.

The objects referenced by Product are product__aln (for Parent Product) and country__aln. Start Date and End Date are not applicable.

Product has a list view and detail view. It is accessible from the Entities tab. It can be created, edited, and deleted manually via the UI. The same actions can be done using the delimited import process. The entity is not pushed to Veeva CRM.

The Product detail view includes a related list section for the following:

  • Territory Assignments
  • Field Force Assignments

Product displays as a related list assignment on the following detail views: Field Force and Territory.

Product Assignment Inheritance

Territories belonging to a Field Force can automatically inherit the Field Force's Product assignments. Assignments can be inherited either when they are initially assigned to the Field Force or when a new Product is assigned to the Field Force.


To enable this feature, set the field_force_product_inheritance__aln drop-down list to Territories Inherit Field Force Products on the currently active Global Align Setting or on the relevant Field Force-level Align Setting.

Each Field Force Product assignment will have an equivalent Territory Product assignment as long as the territory isn't end-dated and the territory's lifetime overlaps with the Field Force product assignment's lifetime. The Territory Product assignment's lifetime will be the shortest overlapping length of time between the territory and the equivalent Field Force Product assignment. The Territory Product assignment's lifetime will be recalculated any time that the start or end date of the territory or the equivalent Field Force Product assignment change.

If these two lifetimes no longer have an overlap, the inherited territory product assignment's end date will be set to its start date to signify a zero-length lifetime.

Inherited territory products will reference their parent field force products on the field_force_product__aln