Product Metrics

Align allows users to import Product Metrics records from a data load or directly from CRM and use those records to filter rule-based Territory assignments. This provides Align users the added flexibility to incorporate product-based attributes within the Align Rules Engine. For example, a Field Force may have an Account Alignment Rule to only align HCPs who are a Decile 8, 9 or, 10 for certain products.


To import records from the CRM Product Metrics object (Product_Metrics_vod):

  1. Ensure the following fields are in the CRM Integration Option section of the CRM Orgs page layout:
  • import_product_metric__aln

    product_metrics_where_clause__aln (if needed)

  1. Set the Import_Product_Metric_aln field to Yes if Product Metrics records should be imported from CRM; set the field to No if not.

  2. Filter which Product Metrics records are imported if record volume is a concern. Add a valid SOQL WHERE clause in the Product Metrics WHERE Clause field if imported Product Metrics records should be filtered.

  • Do not include “WHERE” in the syntax. The system automatically includes it.
  • The following example imports Product Metrics records for which the Account has been segmented for two specific products:
    “Segment__c != null AND (Products_vod__r.External_Id_vod__c = 'cholecap' OR Products_vod__r.External_Id_vod__c = 'labrinone')

  1. Add newly loaded Product Metrics records to Account Assignment Rules.
    For example, a user can assign all affiliated HCPs to a Territory meeting certain Account criteria, located within the Territory’s geographical area, and either Segment A or Segment B for Products aligned to the Territory.
    Users can list Products individually in a rule or use the special operator “matches territory’s products” to include a list of products without entering them individually. This special operator works similarly to the “matches territory’s geographies” operator.

Users can also add Product Metric records to Align with the Align Data Loader.

The respective Account and Product records must exist in Align before loading Product Metrics records.