Align uses the reporting features native to Vault. Reports can be saved for reuse, which is convenient when running a repeatable report for different dates. For example, a quarterly report can be reused at the end of each quarter. See Veeva Vault Help for more information on running reports.

Creating & Editing a Report

Before a report can be created, users must create report types to establish which objects and related objects can have reports. Once a Report Type exists, you can create, edit, and run reports. Add columns to the report from the objects identified in the Report Type. See Align Application Setup for more information on creating Report Types.

To create a report:

  1. Select the Reports tab.
  2. Select Create.
  3. Select the Record Type.
  4. Enter a Name.
  5. Enter a Description.
  6. Select Continue.
  7. Select the appropriate information for the Filters.
  8. Select Territory information.
  9. Select Save.

To view the report, select the Reports tab and then select the report. Report results may be exported to Excel or a CSV file.

Sample Report for a Territory History Object

On July 7, 2015, the Legal Department requested a list of Territories active on May 15, 2015. 

Territory T007 has had multiple names. Sorting by Effective Date/Time indicates New Brunswick Oncology was the active name on May 15, 2015. This can be determined by taking the following steps: 

  1. Filter by Effective Date < the desired Effective Date + 1 day. For example: Report the Territory row which is in effect as of 5/15/2015.
  1. Group by the Territory's External ID or Master Align ID
  2. Create the filter: Effective Date "is before" 5/16/2015
  3. Results: All rows with an Effective Date less than 5/16/2015
  4. Sort Effective Date in descending order
  5. The top row of each Territory is the desired row