Roster Member


Roster Member is for validation purposes when loading Roster Member assignments. Designating the Country to which the Roster Member record is associated with is optional. country__aln is the only object referenced by this entity record. The intent of Start Date & End Date on this entity is to represent the Roster Member's first and last day with the company.

Roster Member has a list and detail view. It is accessible from the Entities tab. It can be created, edited, and deleted manually via the UI. The same actions can be done using the delimited import process. Roster Member can be pulled into Align via the Veeva CRM Org integration import process. If admins are using the User Management feature, created and updated Roster Members in Align can be pushed as User records in CRM.

The Roster Member detail view includes a related list section for the following:

    • Territory Assignments

Roster Member displays as a related list assignment on the Territory view.

Displaying All Roster Members

Align enables administrators to display all roster members, regardless of status, on the Roster Member page. This provides visibility to past assignments given to members that are not active.


To display the status column on the Roster Member page:

  1. Navigate to the Configuration page on the Align Admin tab.
  2. Select the roster_member__aln object from the list of objects.
  3. Navigate to the status__v field and select Edit.
  4. Enable the Display in default lists and hovercards option.


To view all roster members in Align, regardless of status, navigate to the Roster Members page from the Entities tab and select Show All.

Select Show Active to display only active roster_member__aln records.