Territory Mapping

Placing Accounts and Territories on a map allows users to view the Accounts in their Territories in a geographic setting. Maps can accurately represent previously geocoded Accounts and roster members along with the territory’s area. The addresses of Accounts and roster members currently assigned to the Territory also display.

To populate the map:

  1. Ensure the Address records for Accounts assigned to the Territory have valid latitude__aln and longitude__aln values. These values can be imported from CRM along with the address__aln record.
  2. Ensure the map_shape__aln field on the geography_territory__aln object records assigned to the Territory contain a valid map shape value. See this link for an example of a shape string.

    Align does not support the type FeatureCollection.


To access maps, select the Map Territory option from the Territory Details page's Settings menu to display the Mapping page.

Align retrieves geographies associated with the selected Territory and displays them on the map as shaded areas with an opaque boundary. The map automatically adjusts to show all the retrieved geographies.

Only geographies with valid map_shape__aln values display.

Users can select whether to display HCPs, HCOs, or Roster Members assigned to a territory using the selection panel accessible through the Settings menu. The map reloads if users select or deselect entities in this selection panel.

The addresses belonging to HCPs and HCOs associated with this territory display as colored pins on the maps. Selecting a pin displays the name of the HCP or HCO it belongs to, along with their specialty__aln or account_type__aln field values.

Roster members also display as pins on the map.

Territory Tree

Users can choose which Territory's geographies and assignments to display by selecting the check box next to a Territory's name in the in the system tray. Conversely, users can remove a Territory's geographies and assignments from the map by deselecting the check box.

Selecting the check box for a territory also selects its children, allowing users to map multiple Territories at a time.

Users can select the << link to display a breadcrumb to the previous Territory. Selecting this link to moves back to the most recent Territory, regardless of whether the user changed Territories on the map.

Also, the Territories tab contains a Search field. Users can search by name__v, external_id__aln, and Vault record IDs. Entering a search parameter displays all Territories that match the search term but does not affect map contents. Any Territories previously plotted on the map that are also in the search results are auto selected.

Once search results are returned, a “Clear” link displays next to the search box. Selecting Clear removes the search filter and clears the Search field.

Territory Colors

To distinguish territories in a district, the Territories are shaded in different colors. This enables Admins to plot multiple Territories so users can easily tell them apart.

For example, Sarah Jones selected a district containing eight Territories. The map displays each Territory in a different color so Sarah can easily distinguish them.

Light Map

Users can choose between two types of maps: Light Map or Street Map.

Street Map is the default view. To view the Light Map, select the Light Map option. Changing the map type does not alter what Accounts, Territories, etc. are plotted on the map.

When territories display in color, the Light Map, or grayscale map, allows users to easily view map details.

This feature is enabled by default.

Postal Code Map Shapes

Customers using Align in the United States and Canada are now able to view the shape of their geographies based on postal codes.

The shape displays as long as the geography's name matches an official postal code from one of these two countries (for example, 94109 in the US). This is the default view.

If the map_shape__aln field is populated, the geography shape displays based on the value in that field. This is a customized view.

Transferring Assignments from the Map View

Align administrators can use the Map View to transfer a territory’s geographies to another territory. This eliminates the need to navigate away from the Map View to reassign a geography to a different territory

For example, Alice Adams is an Align Administrator responsible for distributing geographies amongst territories. She views one territory through the Map View and concludes that it contains too many geographies. She uses the Territory Transfer feature to reassign some of the territory’s geographies to another territory.


To transfer a geography from one territory to another from the Map View:

  1. Select the appropriate geography shape.
  2. Select Transfer on the shape information tab.
  3. Set the New Territory and Effective Date fields on the Transfer window.

The map refreshes after the Transfer is complete.