Mastering Currency in Multi-Currency Orgs

In multi-currency CRM orgs, the DefaultCurrencyISOCode picklist on the User object defines the user’s currency. Admins can reduce manual onboarding steps in CRM when mastering CRM Users in Align by defining the user’s currency in Align.

For example, the Align admin manages Align-mastered roster members from a multi-currency org. The admin defines the currency for each roster member from within Align. When the next sync with CRM occurs, the admin’s selections are reflected in the corresponding User records in CRM.


  • Roster members must be mastered by Align in order to use this feature
  • The crm_currency__aln field of roster members mastered by CRM populate during the the next Import from CRM

Configuring Mastering Roster Member Currency

To configure this feature:

  1. Grant admins edit permission to the crm_currency__aln field on the roster_member__aln object.
  2. Add the crm_currency__aln field to the appropriate roster_member__aln layouts.
  3. Activate both the inbound and outbound crm_currency__aln to DefaultCurrencyISOCode Field Mappings for the roster_member__aln object.

Controlling Roster Member Currency

To define the currency used by a user in CRM:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate Align-mastered roster_member__aln record.
  2. Populate the crm_currency__aln picklist with the appropriate value. See Salesforce’s Supported Currencies for the complete list of available currencies.

    Ensure used currencies are marked as active on the DefaultCurrencyISOCode picklist on the User object in CRM.

When the next sync to CRM occurs, the value of the crm_currency__aln field on Align-mastered roster members automatically stamps on the DefaultCurrencyISOCode field on the corresponding User records.