End-Dating Users in Align

Roster members mastered by Align can be end-dated in Align and be appropriately deactivated in CRM via a push, enabling the admin to handle a user leaving their org from Align and eliminating the need to manually deactivate a user after the fact.

For example, Sarah Jones’ last day at Verteo BioPharma is April 1st 2021. The Align couser is asked to deactivate Sarah Jones in CRM at that time. The Align user edits the Roster Member corresponding to Sarah Jones and updates the End Date to April 1st, 2021. On April 2nd, the Align user pushes to CRM. Since the end date for the Roster Member record is in the past, the corresponding CRM User is deactivated.

Roster Members end dated in Align do not need to have an assigned or inherited CRM Profile.

End Dating Align Mastered Roster Members

To end date Align mastered roster members:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate roster_member__aln record.
  2. Edit the end_date__aln field with the appropriate date.

When an Align mastered roster member has an end-date in the past, the corresponding User record in CRM is inactivated as part of the next push to CRM.

If the Roster Member’s territory assignment was end-dated, push from the org level, not from the territory level.

When the User record is successfully inactivated in CRM, the crm_user_status__aln field of the roster_member__aln record also updates to Inactive.

Updating the end date of a roster member does not affect the end date of territory assignments to that roster member.

Reactivating Roster Members

If a roster member is inactivated via this process and the admin wants to reactivate the user, execute the following steps:

  1. Modify the end_date__aln of the roster member to a date in the future.
  2. Set the crm_user_status__aln field on the roster member to Active.

When these conditions are met, the corresponding User record is reactivated during the next push to CRM.