Resetting CRM User Passwords in Align

To avoid unnecessary work in both Align and CRM, admins can reset user’s passwords via their associated roster_member__aln record in Align. When a roster member marked for a password reset is pushed to CRM, the associated user is notified to reset their password via Salesforce’s standard reset password email.

For example, Alice Adams is an Align admin for Verteo BioPharma who needs to provision 20 new users as part of a field force expansion. She creates 20 new roster_member__aln records in Align and marks each one as needing a reset password. When these records are pushed to CRM, the 20 new users receive an email prompting them to reset their password in CRM.


Roster members must be designated as Align-mastered in order to use this feature.

Resetting CRM User Passwords

To mark a CRM user’s password for resetting during the next push to CRM,

  1. Navigate to the appropriate roster_member__aln record.
  2. Select the reset_crm_password__aln check box.
  3. Select Save.

When the next push to CRM occurs, the user’s password is reset and the reset_crm_password__aln field on the appropriate roster_member__aln record automatically updates to No.

Resetting User Passwords and Updating Email Addresses

If the roster member’s email is edited during the same push to CRM as a requested password reset, the user’s password is not reset during the push. The reset_crm_password__aln field on the appropriate roster_member__aln record is not updated. This is because the user must first verify their updated email address. After the user verifies the updated email address, the next push to CRM will reset their password.