22R1.0 Maintenance Notes

The issues listed below were fixed in 22R1.0. Maintenance items in the Veeva application are corrections to existing functionality.

221.0.300 (May 31, 2022)

CRM Integration

Issue Description

Issue Number

The country__aln, exclusive_assignment__aln, and crm_is_deleted__aln fields did not populate correctly on account_territory__aln records imported from CRM.


Territory Feedback

Issue Description

Issue Number

In Classic Territory Feedback, account_territory__aln records with a source of CRM Feedback incorrectly displayed as drops in Territory Feedback.


221.0.200 (May 5, 2022)

User Management

Issue Description

Issue Number

The veeva_workday_org__aln and workday_id__aln fields on the roster_member__aln object were incorrectly added to page layouts in sandbox environments by default and have been removed.

It is recommended that admins of sandbox environments re-add these fields to roster_member__aln object page layouts when integrating with Workday.