Several new features are included in Veeva Align 18R1.1. This topic provides a brief explanation of each new feature and explains updates to existing features.

The Cancel button on the assignment preview page is temporarily unavailable following this release. This will be resolved shortly.

Segmentation Stamping on the Rules Engine

Align now enables stamping target records with the channel or product segment by which they were targeted. This makes segments defined in Veeva CRM more visible on targets in Align, improving the review process after a rules run.

See Segmentation Stamping for more information.

Targeting Exclusions

Align now supports the ability to block accounts from targeting assignments and territory assignments.

See Targeting Exclusions for more information.

Custom Field Support in Territory Modeling

Align now supports the ability to include custom fields in territory modeling. This enables custom fields to dynamically map to corresponding fields on modeling objects.

See Custom Field Support for more information.