New Fields

The list below contains all fields added in Veeva Align 18R3.1. The fields are organized by object.

Object Field Name Field Label Field Description Field Type
account_territory_model__aln exclusive_assignment__aln Exclusive Assignment Marks an account as exclusively assigned. Boolean
account_territory__aln exclusive_assignment__aln Exclusive Assignment Exclusively assigns accounts. Boolean
align_settings__aln account_exclusivity__aln Account Exclusivity Enables exclusive assignment. Boolean
align_settings__aln account_exclusivity_exceptions__aln Account Exclusivity Exceptions Defines exceptions for exclusive assignments. Picklist
rollup_rule__aln source_object__aln Source Object Source object for the rollup rule. Picklist
rollup_rule__aln source_field__aln Source Field Source field for the rollup rule. Text
rollup_rule__aln target_object__aln Target Object Target object for the rollup rule. Picklist
rollup_rule__aln target_field__aln Target Field Target field for the rollup rule. Text
rollup_rule__aln rollup_operator__aln Rollup Operator Defines the nature of the rollup rule. Picklist
rollup_rule__aln rule_filter_logic__aln Rule Filter Logic Defines records selected by the rollup. Text
rollup_rule__aln external_id__aln External ID External ID Text
rollup_rule__aln last_run_datetime__aln Last Run Date/Time States when the rule was last calculated. DateTime
rollup_rule_criteria__aln field__aln Field Field checked by the criterion. Text
rollup_rule_criteria__aln value__aln Value Value causing a match on the criterion. Text
rollup_rule_criteria__aln operator__aln Operator Criterion operator Picklist
rollup_rule_criteria__aln rollup_rule__aln Rollup Rule Rule associated with the criterion. Object