Veeva Align Minor Release Notes – 193.1.4

The issues listed below were fixed in 193.1.4. Maintenance items in the Veeva application are corrections to existing functionality.

User Visible and Behavior Changes

Targeting Feedback

  • An error message now displays when attempting to add a target using Targeting Feedback without setting goals for the target when the corresponding feedback rule requires a minimum or maximum goal

Maintenance Items

Project Lifecycles

Issue Description Issue Number

An error occurred when manually updating a project’s lifecycle state while an automated process simultaneously updated the project’s lifecycle state.


Account Assignment

Issue Description Issue Number

When committing a large number of Account Assignments, an error occurred that duplicated end-dated assignments.


A timeout error occurred when viewing the Results page of a large Assignment Preview.


Targeting Feedback

Issue Description Issue Number

Clearing the search bar after logging a challenge to an account did not reset the account list view.


An error occurred when logging a challenge against an account causing the challenge icon not to display in the accounts table.


Improved save time when saving an Add Account challenge to an account found via Global Account Search.


Multichannel Cycle Plans

Issue Description Issue Number

An error occurred causing mc_cycle_plan_channel__aln and mc_cycle_plan_product__aln records to not be pushed to Veeva CRM.