Veeva Align Minor Release Notes – 201.1.6

The issues listed below were fixed in 20R1.1.6. Maintenance items in the Veeva application are corrections to existing functionality.

User Visible and Behavior Changes

Most new features require some configuration, however users are able to view the following changes immediately:


  • The crm_is_deleted__aln Boolean field on the following objects now has a default value of False:
  • account__aln
  • account_territory__aln
  • account_territory_model__aln
  • address__aln
  • parent_hco__aln
  • product__aln
  • product_group__aln
  • product_metric__aln
  • roster_member_territory__aln
  • roster_member_territory_model__aln
  • territory__aln
  • territory_model__aln
  • territory_product__aln
  • territory_product_model__aln

Maintenance Items

CRM Integration

Issue Description

Issue Number

CRM integration processes froze if the session expired before the job completed.