Veeva Align 5.0.0 arrives with several new and updated features. This document provides a brief explanation of each new feature and explains updates to existing features. Complete documentation and configuration instructions for these features is available in the Veeva Align Online Documentation.

CRM Integration

Country Filters

Country filters allow users to select a subset of countries Align can master for a specific CRM org. For example, a CRM org covers all countries in Western Europe, but users want Align to master assignments only for France and Germany. Users can assign France and Germany to a CRM org through the Veeva CRM Org Countries section on the Veeva CRM Org Details page. Only active countries can be selected.

Import Error Handling

To improve CRM import performance, Align now manages imports by object instead of grouping all objects in a single import process. Each import attempts to retrieve all CRM records inserted or updated since the object’s last import date. Records containing errors in a previous import are not included, saving time in the import process.. Customers are responsible for monitoring and resolving errors for each CRM import.

Territory Management and Rules

Case Sensitivity

The address operator “Matches Geographies Territories” is no longer case sensitive. For example, if the Territory includes a geography called BRICK123, an HCP’s address of BriCk123 also matches.

Effective Date Validation

The Effective Date (effective_date__aln) on both the Territory and Territory Model objects no longer has a validation rule preventing the datetime value from being a future date. The field can now contain any datetime.

Product Assignment Inheritance

Align’s new Product Assignment Inheritance feature copies Field Force Product assignments down to the Territory level. This allows Align customers to quickly manage Product assignment changes at the Field Force level without managing the same changes at the Territory level.

Territory Modeling

Inactive Accounts

The Inactive Accounts feature, released in Align 3.5.2, flags inactive CRM Accounts, inactivates thos Accounts in Align, and end dates any open assignments to a Territory for that Account. This feature now also applies to Accounts that are assigned to a Territory Model.

For example, Dr. Smith becomes inactive in CRM. The Account record is inactivated in Align. All open Territory assignments in the production Territory hierarchy, and all open assignments in any open Territory models are end dated.


Territory Tree

Align now includes a Territories tab in the system tray when viewing a Territory on the map. The tab displays all Territories the user has access to. Users can select or deselect the check boxes associated with each Territory to control which Territories display on the map.

User Experience


Veeva made significant investments in the performance of Veeva Align in two major areas:

  • The user interface is updated so pages now load quickly
  • CRM Imports are now faster. Align does not attempt to import records containing errors in previous imports.

System Tray Updates

Veeva Align introduces an updated My Tasks tray with minor changes and a modern look.

  • Only unsuccessful tasks have an icon indicator
  • Status In Progress bar changed from blue to orange
  • When the process completes, the tab does not flash. Only the bell icon flashes green or red, depending on the result.

Inherit Previous Rows

When multiple rows are added on mass-add pages, the Add New button now copies the previous row's Start and End Date values. This feature increases speed during manual entry.

Related Lists in Edit View

Align no longer displays Related Lists on detail pages in edit mode.