Exclusive Assignments

Administrators can configure Align to prevent accounts from being assigned to multiple territories either globally or within the same field force. Additionally, administrators can designate accounts from a certain source as exceptions to these rules, allowing these accounts to be assigned to multiple territories at once. This grants greater control over the assignment process.

For example, the Align admin enables exclusive assignments, preventing accounts from being assigned to multiple territories at the same time. Dr. Ackerman is assigned to Territory 101, so he cannot also be assigned to Territory 102 even though the account fulfills the assignment rules for the territory. The Align admin makes an exception for self-assignments from the field, so assignments are not end-dated if they were made by users manually adding Dr. Ackerman to their territories.


To configure Exclusive Assignments:

  1. Navigate to the Align Settings. This feature is supported for both Global and Field Force specific settings.
  2. Select the account_exclusivity__aln check box.
  3. Select the appropriate source from the account_exclusivity_exceptions__aln picklist. This step is optional.

    The account_exclusivity_exceptions__aln picklist populates with the values from the source__aln field on the account_territory__aln object.

  4. Select the exclusive_assignment__aln check box on all appropriate account_territory__aln and account_territory_model__aln records. Records with the exclusive_assignment__aln check box selected are granted priority when resolving exclusive assignments.

    The value of this checkbox is ignored if Exclusive Assignments is not enabled.


After configuration, the following logic is applied to manually created assignments when there are simultaneous account assignments between multiple territories:

  Existing Assignment is Exclusive Existing Assignment is Not Exclusive
New Assignment is Exclusive The existing assignment is maintained, the new assignment is ignored The existing assignment is end-dated and new assignment is applied
New Assignment is Not Exclusive The existing assignment is maintained, the new assignment is ignored The both assignments are maintained

Account territory assignments are ignored if the record’s source__aln field is listed as an exception in the Align Settings.

Assignment previews also support exclusive assignments. If an account is assigned to multiple territories during a preview and one of those territory assignments is exclusive, all other assignments are end-dated.

If an assignment preview results in multiple exclusive assignments for the same account, the list of conflicting account assignments displays in the Exclusive Assignment CSV file from the downloadable Assignment Preview and no assignments are created.