Explicit Target Assignments

Align Users can assign Cycle Plan Targets to existing cycle Plans. These targets will not be affected by the Rules Engine unless the account matches the Rules Engine criteria.

  • Users can add manual assignments through the MC Cycle Plan Target related list Create button on the Cycle Plan Details page
  • Users can select Accounts already assigned to the territory to become Targets
  • The Mass Add page is automatically populated with cycle channels and cycle products from the cycle plan's cycle
  • Users can specify activity goals and maxes. Interactions goals for the records on this page are calculated by the engine.
  • The engine does not recalculate interactions goals for entire cycles when saving. Users need to run a Targeting preview to calculate interactions goal with the addition of the new manually assigned or edited targets.
  • Users can data load Targeting records. However, users should not supply interactions goals in their provided files, as these values are overwritten by the calculations performed during a Targeting preview. Users should only provide activity goals and maxes.