Using Global Account Search in Territory Feedback

When Global Account Search is enabled, users can search for all accounts in Align, rather than just the accounts in their current territory. This enables users to create Add Account or Add Target challenges against accounts currently outside of their territory.

For example, Sarah Jones is reviewing future changes to her territory and wants to add Dr. Ackerman to her territory. She searches for Dr. Ackerman, however, since he is not currently in her territory, his account is not on Sarah’s device. Sarah is prompted to search again using Global Account Search and locates Dr. Ackerman’s account. She creates an Add Account challenge and adds Dr. Ackerman to her territory.


All defined Default Goals are automatically applied to any account added via an Add Target challenge from the Global Account Search modal.

Searching for Accounts Using Global Account Search

To search for an account outside of the user’s territory:

  1. Navigate to the Edit Alignments table.
  2. Enter the appropriate search term.
  3. Select Can’t find an account?

  4. Re-enter the search term in the Global Account Search modal.

  5. Select the appropriate account to display the account’s profile.

In addition to searching, the Can’t find an account? Link also displays when a filter is applied.