Field Force Models

Users can interact with Field Force models similarly to how they interact with production Field Forces.

  • The Project Information section displays which project this Field Force model is assigned to as well as its planned publication date
  • The Production Information section details which production Field Force this model is assigned to and which production Field Force is its Parent Field Force if published. The latter is superseded upon publication by the model Parent Field Force, if present. This will be covered in a separate section.
  • The Field Force Model Details section contains all of the usual details for Field Forces. The Parent Field Force model refers to modeling records rather than production records.

Users can take two actions on a Territory model's detail page: preview model assignments or delete the model.

Deleting a Field Force model also deletes all of its Child Field Forces and all child objects for the Territories. Users cannot selectively include or exclude Field Forces or child objects from deletion. To retain a child Field Force, users must re-parent it in a different hierarchy.

Deleted objects cannot be recovered.

Users can also run rules for a Field Force model to generate model assignments. These assignments are mapped to production Accounts in the account__aln table, and their model territories are mapped to the territory_model__aln table. The assignment preview for Territory models acts similarly in all respects to a production assignment preview. Users can run model assignment previews concurrently with production assignment previews, with the sole exception that end-dated rule based model assignments are deleted rather than just end-dated.