Projects are collections of Territory models, Field Force models, and all the rules, geographies, and Product and roster member assignments for those models. Models must belong to a project.

Users can access, create, or clone projects on the Modeling tab.

The following fields are critical to using a project:




Name name__v The name of the project, which is automatically set by Align.
Planned Published Date planned_publish_date__aln The date at which the project owner expects to publish the project. This date will drive multiple processes, and must be set within one year of the current system date when editing this field.

Actual Publish Date


The date at which the project was published to production. This can be different from the Planned Publish Date.

Expiration Date expiration_date__aln The expiration date will always be set at two months after the Planned Publish Date. If the territory has been published, the Expiration Date will be two months after the Actual Publish Date.

Project Owner


The user who manages the project. This owner receives notifications such as when the project is nearing its planned publish date or expiration date.

Users must populate some of these fields when creating a project. Cloned projects will inherit many of these values from the original project, but can be manually edited as well.

Cloning a project kicks off a process task tracking the success of the cloning process. This process clones all records related to the project and moves through the following stages:

Stage Name

Stage Text

PROJECT_CLONING_START Project cloning begins
INSERT_FIELD_FORCE_MODEL Importing field force hierarchies into Modeling


Importing territory hierarchies into Modeling

INSERT_ACCNT_TERR_MODEL Importing all Account Territory manual assignments into Modeling


Importing all Roster Member Territory assignments into Modeling

INSERT_GEOGRAPHY_MODEL Importing all Geography assignments into Modeling


Importing all Account Rules and Criteria into Modeling

PROJECT_CLONING_LOGGING Writing the success and error logs


Project cloning beginning complete

Users should refrain from accessing a cloned project or its child records until the process task has reached the PROJECT_CLONING_COMPLETE stage.

Projects, as well as other modeling objects, can be deleted from Align. This behavior differs from production objects as Align usually prevents users from deleting territories, field forces, and assignments. However, because modeling projects might hold a large amount of records no longer needed after publishing or after the project is discarded, Align allows users to delete these records to avoid cluttering the modeling objects.

Deleting a project deletes all of its child records, including Territory and Field Force models and assignments. The deletion process cannot be interrupted, and deleted records cannot be recovered. The deletion order starts a process task that goes through the following stages:

Stage Name

Stage Text

PROJECT_DELETE_START Project cloning begins
DELETE_ACCNT_TERR_MODEL Deleting all Account Territory assignments from Modeling


Deleting all Roster Member Territory assignments from Modeling

DELETE_GEOGRAPHY_MODEL Deleting all Geography assignments from Modeling


Deleting all Account Rules and Criteria from Modeling

DELETE_TERRITORY_MODEL Deleting territory hierarchies from Modeling


Deleting field force hierarchies from Modeling

PROJECT_DELETE_LOGGING Writing the success and error logs


Project cloning beginning complete