CRM Standard Metrics in Align

In the CRM 22R1 release (currently scheduled for April 2022), CRM Standard Metrics will be mandatory for all CRM orgs. Align supports syncing data to and from the Country_Code_vod and User_Type_vod fields on the User object in CRM and corresponding fields on the roster_member__aln object in Align. This enables support for Align instances using Align CRM User Management, as well as mastering User records in CRM.

For example, the Align admin creates a new roster member mastered by Align. During the creation process, the admin populates fields corresponding to standard metric fields in CRM before saving the new record. When Align next syncs with CRM, the new roster member is created in CRM as a new User record with the selected values for the standard metrics fields automatically populated.



  • If Users are mastered in CRM, data from the Country_Code_vod and User_Type_vod fields are imported into the corresponding fields on the roster_meber__aln object in Align


To configure this feature:

  1. Navigate to Align Integrations.
  2. Select the Gear menu next to the appropriate CRM org.
  3. Select View Field Map.
  4. Navigate to the System Fields table of the Roster Member Fields section.
  5. Activate the following rows:

    • crm_country_code__aln
    • crm_user_type_vod

If using this feature in conjunction with Align-mastered User Management, this configuration must be repeated for the outbound mappings.

Mapping Standard Metric Fields

The following standard metric fields on the User object in CRM are automatically mapped to the following roster_member__aln fields in Align:

Field on the User Object  in CRM

Field on the Roster Member Object in Align





Do not change the API name of the values of these picklists in Align. Custom values in these picklists are not supported and will not be passed through the integration.