Managing Environments

When refreshing a sandbox org from production, Align admins must perform the following steps:

  1. Create a new user named align.admin with the following properties:

    This step is only required if no such user already exists.

    • Status – Active
    • User Name –
    • Email –
    • License Type – Full User
    • Security Profile – Vault Owner
    • Domain Admin – Optional

    The Align Admin should be a Domain User, not a Cross-Domain User.

  2. Set the Security Profile of the align.admin to Vault Owner. This ensures that the instance can receive product upgrades.
  3. Refresh the CRM sandbox org. The records in the refreshed sandbox org have the same SFID values as the records in the prod sandbox, but they may have different values than they had before the refresh.
  4. Refresh the Align sandbox. See Refreshing Sandbox Vaults for more information.

    The Vault Provision Team uses the submitted information to clone Objects from production and provide a sandbox org. The following objects are not copied: 

    • account__aln
    • account_exclusion__aln
    • account_rule_criteria_model__aln
    • account_rule_model__aln
    • account_territory__aln
    • account_territory_model__aln
    • address__aln
    • align_settings_model__aln
    • approval_mapping_model__aln
    • field_force_model__aln
    • field_force_product_model__aln
    • field_mapping__aln
    • geography_territory_model__aln
    • integration_status__aln
    • parent_hco__aln
    • process_task__aln
    • product_metrics__aln
    • project__aln
    • roster_member__aln
    • roster_member_territory__aln
    • roster_member_territory_model__aln
    • territory_history__aln
    • territory_model__aln
    • territory_product_model__aln
    • veeva_crm_org__aln
  5. Re-enter and Re-validate the Align Integration User.
  6. Set up an integration to the Veeva CRM Sandbox Org.
  7. Run an integration to reimport all CRM-mastered objects before running the rules again.

Refreshing Sandbox Instances

After refreshing a sandbox instance of Align connected to a CRM org:

  1. Import from CRM to populate account data in the instance.

    At this point, Align territories either do not exist, or their Master Align IDs have not been copied over to the corresponding Territory2 records in CRM.

  2. Create all appropriate territories in the instance, if they do not already exist.
  3. Create and run account assignment rules to make the desired account assignments in Align.
  4. Copy the master_align_id__aln fields from territories in Align to the Master_Align_Id_vod fields of the equivalent Territory2 records in CRM.
  5. Import from CRM a second time. This imports any CRM self-assignments not reflected by the rules engine, as well as inserts integration_status_2__aln records for all account territory assignments currently shared between the two systems.
  6. Push to CRM.