Geography Assignment


A Geography is defined as a Postal Code or Brick. The assignment of the Geography to a Territory allows a Rule to determine which Accounts / Person Accounts should be assigned to the Territory. For example, postal codes 00010 through 00019 are assigned to Territory X. The address of St. Mary's Hospital uses postal code 00012. A new Rule indicates Territory X's assigned postal codes should be compared to the postal codes of all Accounts. St. Mary's postal code is in Territory X's list, resulting in St. Mary's Hospital being assigned to Territory X automatically.

Users can also create geographies by assigning a footprint to a territory. When that assignment is end dated, the resulting geographies are also end dated. See Footprints for more information.

The objects referenced by Geography Assignment are Geography and Territory. Each record has a Start Date and End Date indicating the life of the assignment.

Geography assignments display as a related list on the Territory detail view. They can be created, edited, and deleted manually via the UI. The same actions can be done using the delimited import process.

Geography assignments are not sent to Veeva CRM.