My Setup Products

Align can now send product-to-Territory assignments to CRM’s My Setup Products through a CRM integration. Users no longer have to manually manage product assignments in both Align and CRM.

First, products are assigned to a Territory, either manually or through Field Force product inheritance. When products are added to, removed from, or modified in a Territory, all distinct products are sent to CRM’s My _Setup_Products_vod object.

Second, Roster members are assigned to a Territory with product assignments. Once members are added to, removed from, or edited in a Territory, all distinct products for the roster members are sent to CRM’s My_Setup_Products_vod object.

For example, the detail product Cholecap is assigned to the US Cardio Field Force with Send to CRM = Yes. With Field Force Product Inheritance feature enabled, Align also assigns Cholecap to all Territories within the US Cardio Field Force that also have Send to CRM = Yes. Upon the next Push to CRM, Cholecap is assigned to all active Roster Members within that Field Force in CRM’s My_Setup_Products_vod object.

Because My_Setup_Product_vod records are not mapped to a Territory and instead join products to CRM users, CRM users are represented by roster members in Align. Assigning a product to a Territory means the CRM user corresponding to that Territory’s roster members has a new My Setup Product record added in CRM for the product.


Align Configuration

  1. Place the my_setup_products__aln field on the veeva_crm_org__aln page layout in the CRM Integrations Options section.

  2. Set the my_setup_products__aln field to Yes.

The CRM org Country Filter is supported in the Manage My Setup Products integration feature.

CRM Configuration

Grant integration users edit FLS permission to the Master_Key_Align_vod field on the My_Setup_Products_vod object.



The Favorite_vod field on the CRM My_Setup_Products_vod object drives product visibility and access on the CRM Call screen. This value can be set in Align or in CRM.


If the Field Force product-to-Territory product inheritance is enabled, territories automatically inherit products assigned to their Field Forces. These product assignments are pushed to CRM for the roster members assigned to these Territories. See the Product Assignment Inheritance section for more information.

User-Aligned Products

The User_Aligned_vod field on the CRM Product_vod object disables the auto-inherit functionality for Business Reply Cards (BRCs) and promotional items when an entire Field Force is aligned to a parent detail product but not all Territories should have visibility to those items. This functionality is supported with Align’s Field Force product-to-Territory inheritance.

If the user_aligned__aln field on the product__aln object is set to True for a product, the assignment is not cascaded to each Territory in the Field Force. The Align customer must data load those assignments.

Exception Handling

Exception handling is supported. If the system attempts to upsert or delete a My_Setup_Product_vod record from Align that does not exist in CRM, an SFDC API error message is added to the integration log.