Assigning Permission Sets to Individual Roster Members

To support individual business requirements for users who require additional permissions than their assigned functional profile, admins can assign permission sets directly to individual roster members.

For example, Sarah Jones is an Align-mastered roster member assigned to a functional profile that assigns Permission Sets A and B to her. However, Sarah’s specific responsibilities require her to also have access to Permission Set C, which other members of her functional profile do not need. The admin directly assigns Permission Set C to her.

When using this feature independent of functional profiles, all permission sets for all roster members are managed via direct assignment. If a user in CRM had a permission set assigned to them before enabling this feature, the assignment will be removed in the next push to CRM unless they are reassigned the permission set in Align.


To configure this feature:

  1. Grant the Align Integration User and Align end users the following permissions:


    Object Permissions


    Field Permissions


    Create, Delete

    • roster_member__aln
    • permission_set__aln
    • source__aln


  2. Add the manage_crm_features__aln field to the veeva_crm_org__aln object page layout.
  3. Navigate to the Align Integrations page in the Integrations tab.
  4. Select Edit in the Gear menu for the appropriate CRM org.
  5. Navigate to the CRM Integration Options section.
  6. Add the Permission Sets value to the Manage CRM Features multi-select picklist.

  7. Select Save.
  8. Add the Permission Sets related list to the roster_member__aln page layout.

Assigning Permission Sets to Roster Members

To assign a specific permission set to a roster member:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate roster_member__aln record.
  2. Navigate to the Permission Sets related list.

    This related list does not reflect any permission sets assigned to the roster member via their functional profile. This means that a roster member may be assigned the same permission set twice, once via their functional profile, and once directly from their roster_member__aln record. The permission set is assigned to the CRM user as long as it is assigned to them via one of these methods.

  3. Select Create.
  4. Search for the appropriate permission set from the corresponding CRM org.
  5. Select Add Row to repeat the process and add all appropriate permission sets.

  6. Select Save.

Added permission sets display in the Roster Member Permission Sets related list on roster_member__aln records.

Permission sets assigned to roster members are added to the corresponding User record in CRM during the next push to CRM.

Data Loading Permission Set Assignments

In addition to assigning permission sets via the UI, admins can also data load permission set assignments by upserting roster_member_permission_set__aln records with the following fields populated:

  • roster_member__aln – Reference the appropriate roster_member__aln record
  • permission_set__aln – Reference the appropriate permission_set__aln record
  • source__aln – Set to import__aln