Functional Profiles

Functional Profiles group together CRM profiles and permission sets associated with job functions in CRM.

Admins can use functional profiles to automate the assignment of permissions to users in CRM, enabling quick configuration of CRM features for these users.

Functional profiles contain the following components:

For example, the administrator needs to manage CRM permissions for a field force containing 500 sales representatives. First, the admin creates a functional profile and associates a CRM user profile and five permission sets to that profile. Then the admin assigns the functional profile to the field force. After pushing the data to CRM, all fifty CRM users in the field force are assigned the profile and the five permission sets.

In another example, Sarah Jones belongs to a field force with two hierarchy levels: territory and district. She is promoted from her territory of San Francisco to the managerial district of Bay Area in the same field force. When the Align admin changes Sarah Jones’ assignment, she is automatically assigned the CRM profile and permission sets defined in the Bay Area’s district Functional Profile.

Creating a Functional Profile

To create a functional profile:

  1. Navigate to the Functional Profiles page in the Align Admin tab.
  2. Select Create.
  3. Populate the CRM Profile field with the appropriate CRM User Profile.

  4. Select Save.
  5. Add all appropriate permission sets using the Permission Sets related list.

    An error displays when pushing to CRM if a profile or permission set imported from CRM was deleted in CRM, but is still assigned to an Align-mastered roster member.

  6. Add all appropriate public groups using the Public Groups related list, if enabled.

Assigning Functional Profiles

To assign a field force to a functional profile:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate functional profile.
  2. Navigate to the Field Force related list.
  3. Select Create.
  4. Select the appropriate field force.
  5. Select the appropriate hierarchy level.
  6. Select Save.

Functional profiles can also be assigned using the Functional Profiles related list on the Field Force detail page.

Functional profiles are assigned to a hierarchy level of a field force. Any roster member assigned to that hierarchy level inherits the CRM profile and permission sets defined by the functional profile. This enables admins to quickly assign profiles and permission sets to large numbers of users at once.

Assigning Functional Profiles to Territories

Territories assigned to a field force automatically inherit the functional profile of the field force. This inherited value displays in the functional_profile__inherited__aln field on the territory. This field cannot be edited. However, administrators can manually override this and directly assign a functional profile to a territory:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate territory__aln record.
  2. Populate the functional_profile__aln lookup field with the appropriate functional profile.
  3. Select Save.

The functional_profile__aln field always overrides the functional_profile_inherited__aln field. To revert back to the inherited functional profile, clear the functional_profile__aln field.

Roster Members with Multiple Inherited Functional Profiles

A roster member can inherit multiple functional profiles from assigned territories. Roster members with multiple inherited functional profiles receive all permissions defined by all inherited functional profiles. A conflict occurs when a roster member inherits multiple functional profiles where both of the following conditions are met:

  • The functional profiles have different CRM profiles associated with them
  • The CRM profile is not overridden for that roster member

A user in CRM cannot be assigned to multiple profiles. If this happens, an error occurs when a push to CRM is executed. To correct this error, use the CRM Profile lookup on the appropriate roster member record to manually select the desired CRM profile.