Managing Public Groups from CRM

Admins can manage Public Group membership in Align via associations with functional profiles, enabling admins to avoid performing these actions in CRM.

For example, Alice Adams administers an Align instance connected to a CRM org that uses Public Groups. By associating imported Public Groups in Align to her existing functional profiles, Alice can manage CRM User membership to these groups as part of her User Management process in Align.

When this feature is enabled, all public group assignments in CRM will be managed by Align. If a user was assigned to a public group before enabling this feature, that assignment will be removed in the next push to CRM unless they are reassigned to the public group in Align.



To configure this feature:

  1. Grant end users and the Align Integration User the following permissions:


    Object Permissions


    Field Permissions


    Create, Delete

    • veeva_crm_org__aln
    • crm_record_id__aln



    Create, Delete

    • functional_profile__aln
    • public_group__aln


  2. Add the Public Groups related list to the functional_profile__aln page layout.
  3. Sync with the connected CRM org to import GroupMember records from CRM into Align for assignment.

    Only GroupMember records with a type of Regular are managed by Align.

Public group records in Align that are not assigned to any functional profile are deleted during the next push to the connected CRM org. Therefore, admins should associate all imported public groups to the appropriate functional profiles in Align before enabling public group assignments to be pushed to CRM.

Associating Public Groups with Functional Profiles

To associate a public group with a functional profile:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate functional profile.
  2. Navigate to the Public Group related list.

  3. Select Create.
  4. Search for the appropriate Public Group.
  5. Select Add Row to repeat the process and add all appropriate public groups.

  6. Select Save at the top-right corner of the page.

Pushing Public Group Assignments to CRM

Once all imported public groups are assigned to the appropriate functional profiles, admins can configure the integration with the CRM org to push these assignments to Users in CRM:

  1. Navigate to the Align Integrations page in the Integrations tab.
  2. Select Edit in the Gear menu for the appropriate CRM org.
  3. Navigate to the CRM Integration Options section.
  4. Add the Public Groups value to the Manage CRM Features multi- select picklist.

  5. Select Save.

Public group membership is reflected in CRM during the next push to the connected org. Admins can verify these assignments are pushed to CRM by locating GroupMember in the list of CRM objects impacted by the push.

If a public group associated with one or more functional profiles in Align is deleted in CRM, the corresponding public_group__aln record in Align is not deleted during the next import from CRM. Instead, an error displays in the import log informing admins that the public_group__aln record must first be disassociated from all functional profiles.