Several new features are included in Veeva Align 17R2.5. This topic provides a brief explanation of each new feature and explains updates to existing features.

Preview Discarded Warning

Align modified how users are notified about discarded Account Assignment Previews. Align users who discard a preview they created no longer see a warning icon with red text.

Previews discarded by another Align user continue to display with a warning icon and red text. See My Tasks for more information.

Controlling Roster Member Start and End Dates

To better track the actual start and end dates during which a Roster Member can be aligned to a territory, Align now allows Admins to create custom start and end date fields on the CRM User object and map the custom fields to Align’s Roster Member start_date__aln and end_date__aln fields. This feature provides greater control over the default field mapping.

See Roster Member Assignment for more information.

Planned Publish Date and Review Date

To accommodate users who want to create assignments beginning immediately, the planned_publish_date_aln and review_date__aln fields for Territory Modeling now accept the current date. See Territory Feedback for more information.

Targeting Planning

Align's Targeting feature allows users to create and master Multichannel Cycle Plans (MCCPs) in Align for later use in CRM. MCCPs are plans that bring together activities from multiple CRM areas to guide users on which channel activities provide the most value for their Targets. Using these MCCPs, CRM users can set target goals per channel and product for high-value Accounts and track their progress against these goals. See Targeting for more information.