Territory Feedback Overview

Align enables end-users to provide feedback regarding targeting assignments and changes to their territory. This streamlines the planning process by allowing end-users to view changes to their territory directly on their devices as well as enabling administrators to configure rules to automatically accept or reject certain challenges to that territory.

For example, the administrator at Verteo Biopharma makes several changes to territories for the upcoming cycle, including dropping and adding certain accounts and geographies, a list of target accounts, and interaction goals. When the changes are final, Sarah Jones is able to enter the Territory Feedback screen from Veeva CRM. She is able to view future changes to her territory, log challenges against her account assignments and interaction goals, and submit those challenges to her manager for approval. Once the challenges are finalized by the manager and applied by the Align administrator, the future territory changes are pushed to CRM.

Do not run an Assignment Preview during an MC Cycle's feedback period.

Territory Feedback is a feature in both Align and in Veeva CRM. It consists of the following components: