Several new features are included in Veeva Align 18R3.3. This topic provides a brief explanation of each new feature and explains updates to existing features.

User Visible and Behavior Changes


  • The vexternal_ID__aln field on the Product__aln object can now be mapped to any field on the Product_vod object in Veeva CRM. The mapping defaults to the VExternal_ID_vod field.
  • Internal errors now display a page containing the error code

Territory Enhancements

  • Users can now view the map of a territory directly from the Hierarchy view of the Territories page by selecting the Gear button and selecting Map Territory
  • The territory map now automatically displays both geographies assigned the territory and all child territories
  • The Territory Information Bar now automatically updates to account for end-dated assignments whenever territory metrics update

Cloning an MC Cycle

Administrators can now clone an MC Cycle from Align. See Cloning an MC Cycle for more information.

Search in Territory Feedback

Align enables users of Territory Feedback to search their territory and locate specific accounts or information when reviewing changes to their territory. See Search in Territory Feedback for more information.

End-Dating Territory Assignments Using the Align Data Loader

Align administrators can now quickly end-date territory__aln and territory_model__aln records and their associated assignments using the Align Data Loader. See End-Dating Territory Assignments for more information.