What's New in 21R3.0

The Align 21R3.0 release includes brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features.


Deprecating the &vaultsess URL Parameter

Beginning in 21R3.2 (currently scheduled for January 6, 2022), Vault is disallowing use of the &vaultsess URL parameter used by the Align Scheduler.

To update scheduled jobs accordingly:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate job.
  2. Remove the &vaultsess=${Session.id} parameter from the URL.
  3. Select the Post Session Credentials via Form Data with Key “Session.id” check box.
  4. Select Save.

These required updates can be made anytime and will be implemented automatically by Veeva Services for customers with active engagements with Align professional services.

See Creating a Scheduled Job for more information.

User Visible and Behavior Changes

Align Settings

  • The feedback_days_remaining_threshold__aln setting was removed as it did not control or influence any functionality in the application
  • The account_status_inactive_values__aln setting was removed in modeling
  • The Publish pop-up modal now informs the user the global-level production settings are overridden with the values of the corresponding setting in modeling

  • The Help Content Tooltips are updated for consistency between modeling and production settings
  • Align Settings now display as a row when importing field forces and territories into a modeling project

  • A modal now displays when a user saves changes to production settings, informing them that changes to production settings are not reflected in modeling settings


Align Settings

Modeling Settings in Align

Settings in Align control most of the functionality available to field forces. Modeling these settings allow admins to control functionality in modeling records, for example, model projects or model field forces. These modeling settings interact with the existing import, clone, and publish processes as part of Territory Modeling and enable greater flexibility and automation of these processes.

Territory Feedback

Manager Territory Feedback

Managers reviewing changes to users’ territories using Enhanced Territory Feedback can review, reject, and approve challenges made by roster members via a dedicated tab, enabling managers to quickly review changes made by roster members and take the appropriate action to complete the Territory Feedback process.