What's New in 23R1.0

The Align 23R1.0 release includes brief, high-level descriptions of enhancements and new features.

User Visible and Behavior Changes

CRM Integration

  • CRM fields can now be mapped to more than one Align field in the inbound mapping
  • CRM multi select picklists cannot be mapped to Align single select picklists
  • The following field mappings are moved from the System Field Mappings section to the Custom Field Mappings section, enabling admins to customize the mapping:

    • The state__aln field on the address__aln object
    • The hierarchy_type__aln field on the parent_hco__aln object

    Admins can create additional field mappings to the State_vod and Hierarchy_Type_vod fields to utilize Picklist Mapping. See Mapping to the State_vod and Hierarchy_Type_vod CRM Fields for more information.

  • Updating a field mapping now automatically triggers a full refresh for the modified object during the next import from CRM

  • A Warning Rows column displays in the CRM Sync History table in the Integrations tab. Select the link in this column to download a CSV file with all warnings from the CRM Import job.

Territory Feedback

  • Users can now select the Gear menu from the Accounts screen of Manager Feedback to perform the following actions:

    • Approve pending challenges
    • Reject pending challenges
    • Move the territory to the next lifecycle state
    • Return the territory to the assigned roster member

Workday Integration

  • The veeva_crm_org__aln field now automatically populates on roster_member__aln records imported from Workday
  • The country__aln field on the roster_member__aln object can now be mapped to country fields in Workday using two-digit country ISO codes
  • The following types of Align fields can now be mapped to Workday Text fields:
  • Yes/No
  • Picklist
  • Lookups


CRM Integration

Mapping Picklists in CRM to Picklists in Align

Admins can map single select and multi select picklists in CRM to single select and multi select picklists in Align to import a picklist’s values, value labels, and label translations. This enables admins to single-source their picklist information in CRM, while also enabling easier and more accurate use of picklist values throughout Align.

New Fields

The list below contains all fields added in Veeva Align 23R1.0. The fields are organized by object.


Field Name

Field Label






Used to map to the State_vod field on the Address object in CRM.




Hierarchy Type

Used to map to the Hierarchy_Type_vod field on the Child_Account_vod object in CRM.