Defining Default Goals

Default channel and product goals automatically populate when an end user creates an Add Target challenge during Territory Feedback, enabling them to avoid having to enter the goals manually.

Additionally, admins can set a default maximum goal that end users cannot increment past when editing goals for a channel or product.

For example, the admin defines a default goal of four for the Face-to-Face channel and a default goal of two for Cholecap within that channel. The admin also specifies a default maximum of three for Cholecap.

Sarah Jones later reviews upcoming changes to her territory and logs an Add Target challenge against Dr. Ackerman. When Sarah logs the challenge, the goals for Face-to-Face and Cholecap automatically populate with the default values. She increases the goal for Cholecap from two to three. However, the maximum default goal for Cholecap is three, so Sarah cannot increase the goal for Cholecap any further.


Defining Default MC Cycle Channel Goals

To define the default goals for an MC Cycle Channel:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate MC Cycle.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Edit the following fields for the appropriate channels and products:

    • Default Goal – Enter the appropriate default value that should display to end users when they create an Add Target challenge
    • Default Max Goal – Enter the appropriate maximum value that end users should be able to set as a goal. This field is optional.

  4. Select Save.