Integration to CRM

Targeting records can be pushed from Align into CRM during the regular Push to CRM process, as long as the Veeva CRM org is properly set up. Users must perform the following steps:

  1. Create field mappings for this Veeva CRM org to include Targeting records.
  2. Enable Align to manage Targeting records for this org.

See Pushing Data from Align into Veeva CRM for more information.

Field Mappings

Users can map corresponding fields between CRM and Align Targeting objects through the Align Objects tab on the Field Mapping page for a Veeva CRM Org record.

Align users must have Create, Read, Update, and Delete rights to all fields present on all Multichannel Cycle Plan objects in CRM, listed below. Align will master these objects through the integration, and thus must be able to perform all four operations on these objects.

  • MC_Cycle_Channel_vod
  • MC_Cycle_Plan_Channel_vod
  • MC_Cycle_Plan_Product_vod
  • MC_Cycle_Plan_Target_vod
  • MC_Cycle_Plans_vod
  • MC_Cycle_Product_vod
  • MC_Cycle_vod

See Field Mapping for more information.

Setting Up Push to CRM

Users can choose to have Align master MCCP records in an org by setting the Master MCCP field (master_mccp__aln) on the Veeva CRM Org record to Yes through the org's details page. This field is set to No by default.

Pushes to CRM automatically include relevant Targeting records while the field is set to Yes. Users must manually set this field to No to prevent further Targeting records from being pushed to CRM.

Push Process

A push to CRM can be initiated from the Veeva CRM org level or from any Territory assigned to a Veeva CRM Org. Targeting records are included in any of these pushes as long as the Veeva CRM org has been set up to allow Align to master MCCP records in the org.

Align does not currently handle merged targets. All Cycle Plan Targets are created with the Active status.

Gathering Records to Push

Align includes Targeting records in a push to CRM if they fulfill the following conditions:

  • The records have not been pushed before or have been edited since the last time they were pushed to CRM
  • The record, its parent MC Cycle, or its MC Cycle Plan is in the Published lifecycle state
  • The range of their start and end dates, if present, includes the current date

    Certain objects are pushed regardless of their start and end dates. See Push Condition to Ignore Start Date for more information.

  • The immediate Targeting parent record has been pushed to CRM or is included in the current push to CRM

Matching CRM Records

Align identifies Targeting records between Align and CRM by matching the master_align_id__aln in Align to the Master_Align_Id_vod__c on their corresponding object in CRM. For this purpose, the field must be present on all MCCP objects in CRM and it must be unique.

Align performs the following matching process:

  • The push process updates CRM MCCP records with a Master_Align_Id_vod__c value matches the master_align_id__aln value of a Targeting record included in the push. This overwrites the values of fields set up in the Field Mapping for this Veeva CRM org
  • The push process creates new MCCP records in CRM for Align Targeting records with a master_align_id__aln value that does not match the Master_Align_Id_vod__c of any record in their corresponding object

The push process does not remove MCCP records from CRM.