Using Location Based Targeting

Location Based Targeting is a form of sales planning that enables goals to be set against accounts at specific locations, enabling greater specificity in the planning process. Admins can enable Location Based Targeting in Enhanced Territory Feedback to enable end users to view these goals for accounts at specific locations.

For example, while reviewing her targets for the upcoming cycle in Territory Feedback, Sarah Jones notices one of her accounts, Dr. Ackerman, is assigned as a target at two separate locations:

  • Newton Memorial Hospital
  • All Saints Hospital

Since the sales potential for Dr. Ackerman is greater at Newton Memorial Hospital than at All Saints Hospital, Sarah creates a Remove Target challenge to remove Dr. Ackerman as a target at All Saints Hospital, while also creating an Edit Goals challenge to increase the number of Face-to-Face visits at Newton Memorial Hospital, maximizing the sales potential at this location.


To configure this feature:

  1. Navigate to the Integrations tab in Align.
  2. Select View Field Map from the Gear menu for the connected CRM org.
  3. Ensure the location__aln field in the Product Metric Fields section is mapped to the Location_vod field in CRM.
  4. Perform a full import to populate the location__aln field in Align.
  5. Navigate to the appropriate MC Cycle.
  6. Select Yes for the Support Child Account Targets field.

Admins can then use Targeting Rules to assign segments and goals to each account at each associated location.

Location Based Targeting in Territory Feedback

When an MC Cycle with Location Based Targeting enabled is submitted to CRM users for feedback, each location associated with an account displays as its own row in the table, along with a row representing the account without any associated location.

​​The following target-level challenges apply to individual rows:

  • Add Target
  • Remove Target
  • Edit Goal

The following account-level challenges apply to all rows belonging to that account because they are not specific to a location:

  • Keep Account
  • Add Account
  • Remove Account

If the row representing an account without an associated location is a target, goals can be edited against any of the available channels. However, if a target is associated with a specific location, goals can only be edited against available channels based on the Call2_vod object.