Target Modeling and Publishing

Targeting is available within modeling projects as well as on production records. Most of the production Targeting behavior is preserved, with the following exceptions:

  • MC Cycle records must be assigned to Field Force models included in a particular project
  • Targeting rules for Field Force models are created in the Account_rule_model__aln table
  • Targeting rules can be run for the planned publish date as well as the current date
  • Targeting records created by a planned publish date assignment preview have their dates set using the planned publish date rather than the current date
  • MC Cycle Plan records created by a Targeting preview are assigned to territory models, not to production territories
  • Targeting records created against modeling Field Forces can be deleted by a preview whenever they no longer match any criteria

The MC Cycle and MC Cycle Plan objects each have a lifecycle whose state is dependent on the state of their assigned Field Force model or territory model. The Cycle and Cycle Plan inherit the state of their Field Force model or territory, for example, being approved automatically when the model is approved. Users can revert the cycle or cycle plan lifecycle state.

Modeling Assignment Previews

Targeting rules behave in the same way during a modeling assignment preview as they do during a production assignment preview. See Planned Publish Date Preview for more information.

Publishing Target Models

Targeting records are automatically included in the Publish to Production process when they are present in a modeling project. They are published as follows:

  • Targeting rules are upserted into the Account_rule__aln object and mapped to the production Field Force corresponding to their modeling Field Force
  • Channel Groups are assigned to the Account_rule__aln record corresponding to their original Account_rule_model__aln record
  • Account rule criteria is upserted into the Account_rule_criterion__aln object and mapped to the Channel Group or Product Group
  • MC Cycles are mapped to the production Field Force corresponding to the modeling Field Force, and the field_force_model__aln field is set to null
  • MC Cycle Plans are mapped to the production territory corresponding to their modeling territory, and their territory_model__aln field is set to null
  • The lifecycle state for all successfully published MC Cycles and MC Cycle Plans is set to Published

Unlike regular modeling objects, Targeting records are not inactivated when placed in the Published lifecycle state. Users can still edit these records. This lifecycle state indicates a Targeting record is published to production and can be pushed to CRM.