Territory Feedback Metrics

  • iPad
  • Browser (Lightning)

Users can quickly review important metrics regarding the number of accounts and targets they will have during the next cycle using Account and Target Metrics.

For example, Sarah Jones reviews changes to her territory. She wants to view the total list of business accounts she will have in her territory in the next cycle, so she selects the Business Account widget from Territory Feedback to view the list.

This feature does not require configuration.

Using Territory Feedback Account and Target Metrics

The following account and target metrics display as widgets on the Territory Dashboard:

  • Person Accounts
  • Business Accounts
  • Targets

Each widget can be selected to display a pre-filtered Edit Alignments table based on the selected widget. For example, selecting the Targets widget displays the Edit Alignments table with the Targets filter automatically applied.

If Manager Territory Feedback is enabled, these metrics also display as columns in the Territory Table. Selecting the metric in the appropriate row of the table displays the pre-filtered Accounts screen based on the selected metric.

Total Goals Metrics in Territory Feedback

Users can view their total product and channel goals for their upcoming cycle from the Territory Dashboard in Territory Feedback. These metrics enable users to submit more useful feedback on their upcoming cycle by informing them of their expected total interactions.

For example, Sarah Jones receives guidance from her company that she should aim for 800 interactions in her upcoming cycle. She navigates to the Territory Dashboard to see her upcoming cycle and views her total channel and product goals. Using Territory Feedback, she updates her planned interactions for her targets as appropriate, then returns to the Territory Dashboard and views her updated total goals based on her feedback.

Viewing Total Goals

To view the total goals for all products and channels, navigate to the Total Goals widget on the Territory Dashboard.

Metrics are grouped by channel goals, then by product goals and include both approved and pending challenges made during Territory Feedback.

The Total Goals widget only displays if the territory has an associated Multichannel Cycle.