Caching in Territory Feedback

Territory Feedback displays in CRM based on cached data from model territory records in Align, enabling users to quickly access Territory Feedback. However, depending on the data or metadata, changes made in Align may not instantly reflect in CRM. In order to display certain changes in CRM, the model territory's cache must be refreshed.

A model territory's cache is automatically refreshed when the following actions occur:

  • A Commit affecting the record occurs
  • The Lifecycle State is updated

Additionally, all challenges made by users and managers are immediately reflected in the cache.

The following changes take 24 hours to be reflected in the cache:

  • Configuration changes to the model territory's lifecycle
  • Adding, removing, or re-ordering the Challenge Reasons picklists
  • Changes to translations via Message Groups

Manually Refreshing a Model Field Force's Cache

Users can manually refresh the cache for a model field force to immediately make changes available in CRM. This is recommended whenever a project is already open for feedback and changes are made in the following places:

  • Account assignments
  • Targeting data
  • Approval Rules
  • Approval Process
  • Product assignments
  • Roster Member assignments
  • Project-level data, for example, feedback instructions
  • Align Settings related to Feedback, for example, account_feedback_columns__aln

To manually refresh the cache of an entire model field force:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate record.
  2. Select the Gear menu.
  3. Select Recalculate Territory Data.