Territory Models

Users can interact with Territory models similarly to how they interact with production territories. Select the Modeling tab to create or access models.

  • The top section displays the project this Territory model is assigned to as well as its planned publish date
  • The Production Information section details which production Territory this model is assigned to as well as which production Territory counts as its parent Territory once published, and which production Field Force it would be assigned to. These values would be superseded upon publication by the model parent and Field Force, if the latter are present. This will be covered in a separate section.
  • The Details section contains all of the usual details for territories, with the exception that the Parent Territory Model and Parent Field Force refer to modeling records rather than production records

Users can take two actions on a Territory model's detail page: Users can choose to Preview Model Assignments, or to delete this Territory model. Deleting a Territory model will delete all of its child territories, and all child objects for these territories. Users cannot selectively include or exclude territories or child objects from deletion. To avoid deleting a child Territory, users need to select a new parent outside of that hierarchy. Deleted objects cannot be recovered at a later time. Users can also choose to run rules for this Territory model to generate model assignments. These assignments will be mapped to production accounts in the account__aln table, and their model territories in the territory_model__aln table. The assignment preview for Territory models acts similarly in all respects to a production assignment preview. Model assignment previews can be run concurrently with production assignment previews, with the sole exception that end-dated rule based model assignments will be deleted rather than just end-dated.

A Territory's country might be different from its project's country. This difference can lead to complications with Territory Feedback. If an assignment's start datetime is later than the project's planned publishing datetime, the assignments will not display on Feedback screens. Rather than allowing projects to cross time zones, users are encouraged to have one project per country.

Maps in Territory Modeling

Maps are available via the Settings menu in Territory Modeling. Viewing territories on a map helps users ensure their assignment decisions are geographically feasible.